Bill Saunders began sketching at the age of four and painting at age twelve.

His work took on a realistic style as he strove to include even the smallest details. For years he painted only for pure personal enjoyment, but slowly his work began to gain critical recognition.

In 1977, Bill realized what most of us search for much longer -- that life should be about doing what you love and in so doing, making all those whose lives touch yours a little fuller. He made the diffcult decision to risk financial security by leaving his technical position with an international refinery to devote his energies to developing his passion.

The joy that Bill has brought to many through his work is proof positive that he made the right decision. Bill's passion for painting is second only to his love for his family. His wife Bonnie and daughter Kimberley along with the Saunders' animal entourage - Hogan the rottweiler, and Johnny the cat - are his greatest inspiration and most devoted supporters.

Time and again Bill has captured the timeless serenity of an aged farmhouse, a cozy front porch, or a group of children playing. These are the simple things in life which most of us will admit are the things we treasure most.

His paintings are a collage of places and people Bill has seen while traveling the North American countryside on his prized 1968 Triumph motorcycle. They are things which have touched his heart and triggered a sense of belonging. They are ideas he cherishes and wants to preserve through his paintings. As the world rushes forward, Bill Saunders hopes these scenes will never disappear.